100 day Trip Update: Day 5-11 Summarized

  • April 26, 2016

I think the word of the trip so far is “WOW”. I am seeing the most incredible places and experiencing them in all their glory.


On day 6, I slept on a very remote farm in the Karroo where God literally brought me to my knees. I witnessed an incredible lightning storm passing through. Making me feel so small. I got some pretty awesome photos but the emotional attachment is so much bigger to that night than any image could ever reflect.


I’ve been slacking on my writing for a bit as I’ve been staying with friends for four nights in a row- two being spent in the ‘Kouebokkeveld’ and two in Citrusdal. I experienced a bit of home with lovely beds and home cooked meals. The calm before the storm… I traveled from Citrusdal to Strandfontein, on the west coast, just to be extremely disappointed with a substandard camping terrain. Which would have been perfectly fine if the rates were low too. It wasn’t. In fact it was more than double the amount I’ve been paying at other places up until now. I immediately packed Suzelle, found a spot next to the beach, and set up camp in the middle of nowhere. Oh what a night! I barely had to walk to take pictures!!


Today I felt particularly touristy. For around two hours in the morning, I spent driving around and then started looking for lunch. Lunch was only a dodgy drive away as I picked up a stranger, claiming he knows where I can find lobster. Skeptically, we drove deep into the suburbs. I got my lobster tails!!!! Then the guy who took me there said he needs R100 for his effort of taking me there. I paid R100 for the tails alone; here he says he charges R100 too. Uhm… I tried communicating to him that I am in fact not a piggybank. We settled on R70 with me partly fearing for my life in the suburbs he took me to. Lobster bought, and back at my overnight camp, I prepared the most amazing lunch ever!!!


I am becoming a huge fan of solo travels. Yes, I am documenting a lot thereof, but I’m experiencing it alone. There is no one rushing me anywhere or keeping me from doing what I want to do. That statement just made me sound extremely selfish. Maybe for three months of my life, being selfish is not the worst thing to be. I have learnt so much about myself in 11 days and I’m experiencing things I never even imagined. I am growing and learning that I can survive on the bear minimum. I’m appreciating food, water, sleep. Simple living really, no strings attached.


Route traveled thus far: Port Elizabeth to Steytlerville. Steytlerville to De Rust. De Rust to Matjiesfontein. Matjiefontein to Touwsriver. Tousriver to Kouebokkeveld. Kouebokkeveld to Citrusdal. Citrusdal to Doringbaai. Doringbaai to Papendorp. Next stop, I have no idea.




© Dirk Moggee 2016, Karroo, Western Cape, South Africa.

2 Comments on 100 day Trip Update: Day 5-11 Summarized

  • sean says:
    April 27, 2016 at 1:19 am

    Hey Dirk. Really enjoying your blogs. Its almost as though you are travelling our beautiful country on behalf of those who can’t. Making a trip like this can really define you as a person and bring you to realize your roota and direction in life. Im sure yoy will hace many great unforgettable experiences from your journey and its really only just beginning. Also with respect to your ridiculous camping charge, if I was you I would try camp in the middle of nowhere as often as possible. Personal safety considered first of course 😉 looking forward to seeing more of your photos..


  • Louis says:
    April 27, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Klink amazing so ver! Ek is opgewonde om meer te lees oor jou avontuur!


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