Kindness Overload

  • May 30, 2016

Who are these people? What did I do to deserve this? Why are they being sooo damn nice?

I’m often overwhelmed. Completely bowled over by kindness; genuine kindness, not the fake type. People are inviting me into their homes. Giving me food, conversation and even doing my washing!!!

I have a total of 5 shirts in use and a tiny bag. When the bag is full, I start missioning to get my washing done. Not once have I asked anyone to do my washing, but most of the times before my mission start, someone approaches me and offers to do my washing for me. In 45 days, I have done my own washing four times. Again, who are you guys?? And what did I do to deserve your kindness??

I have been invited to so many meals, sat in conversation for hours with total strangers. Free camping spaces, free firewood. South Africans are incredible people; they are generous, warm and open, they expect nothing in return and appreciate a good story any time of the day.

At this point I want to single out a story as an example, but I simply can’t. Every kind soul that I have come across thus far, I thank you. And like your kind deeds, my appreciation is deep and genuine. There are amazing people around you daily, appreciate them!


A selfie taken at an abandoned mine near Mokopane. Another generous soul who decided to share this place with me.


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