Why I write

  • June 27, 2016

I have never considered myself being a writer, not to mention being a good writer. If you think this cliché is going to run it’s full circle, it’s not. I still do not consider myself a good writer. Here are my top three writing struggles:


1.) I am not English. Afrikaans is my home language and until the age of 18, I rarely spoke any English as I went to Afrikaans schools all my life. Yes, I watched movies and yes I understood it, but there is a big difference in communicating and learning in a language as apposed to sucking up what the tele has to offer. Things changed in university, and I became comfortable in this weird language. Perfect? Not even close.


2.) Spellcheck is not available in Afrikaans. This renders out the option of writing in Afrikaans exclusively. I may add, if I were to do some research I would find a decent spell checker for Afrikaans, but that would narrow down my audience-even though I would be so much more comfortable with my end result.


3.) I love telling stories, I love the reaction it generates. Writing doesn’t always give me a reaction from the reader. In fact, the grammar Nazis will judge silently, or send me a snarky message, “It’s your, not you’re”.


Now here is the good or bad news, I couldn’t care less about point one to three. I enjoy writing. I make mistakes, a lot of them, you’ll probably find more than ten in this piece alone, but I honestly do not care. I write to express myself, to organize my thoughts and make sense of the chaos in my head. I write to document, to tell the one or two stories I found funny or that made me angry. I see myself as an expressive person; you would rarely wonder what I’m feeling. I would love to be a good writer one day, but that would still not be to impress you as the reader. I write for me, if you find it good, I thank you for your blindness. If you find it terrible, just remember I don’t write to impress. If anything, I write to improve.

2 Comments on Why I write

  • Jacques Theron says:
    June 27, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    Geniet jou skrywe, en foto’s! Moet jouself nie onderskat nie, jou passie is aansteeklik


    • dirkmoggee says:
      July 1, 2016 at 8:26 am

      Baie dankie vir die lekker feedback!


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