I consider myself a versatile photographer, being comfortable in a number of genres including: Landscape-, Commercial-, Industrial-, Sport-, Wedding-, Couple- & Family Photography.



I have recently started doing videography. with a solid background of composition, lighting, and the technicalities of photography, the switch was natural. I now enjoy doing wedding videos, corporate videos and events.


In a digital era, retouching is as import as photography. The possibilities are truly endless and can make or break your conceptual work or open up new avenues for your advertising campaign. I offer Professional retouching services, including: Compositing, Deep etching, Facial retouching & enhancements.


Web assistance:

I do not consider myself a professional web designer. I do however consist of a working knowledge of how websites work and what is needed to make it stand out from the rest.

Websites I have worked on includes:

* (yes, the one you are on right now)





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